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Programme Schedule


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Main Course

C1: Dynamics and Bifurcations in Predator-Prey Systems - Assoc. Prof. Dr. Johan Matheus Tuwankotta 

C2: Recent Research in Dynamical System and Related Topics - Prof. Dr.  Salmi Md. Noorani

C3: Coupling Different Modelling Approaches in the Study of Competition Ecosystems - Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Doanh

C4: Dynamical Systems Analysis for Fractional Differential Equations - Dr. Doan Thai Son

C5: Dynamics and Bifurcations in Lotka-Volterra Type Systems - Dr. Kie Van Ivanky Saputra


Contributed Talks

CT1: Dynamical Systems in Agriculture: A Case Study on Plant Disease Resistance - Dr. Nurul Syaza Abdul Latif

CT2: Dynamical Systems Analysis of Local and Non-Local Dispersal Models - Dr. Mohd Hafiz Mohd

CT3: Fish Population Dynamics with Harvesting and Toxicant Effects - Dr. Hamizah Mohd Safuan

CT4: Mathematical Modeling and Stability Analysis of Population Dynamics - Dr. Auni Aslah Mat Daud

CT5: Stability Index for the Characterization of Riddled Basin in a Coupled Dynamical System - Dr. Ummu Atiqah Mohd Roslan


Hands-on Workshop

Workshop 1: Hands-on Workshop using Auto (Dr. Kie Van Ivanky Saputra)

Workshop 2: Hands-on Workshop using XPPAut (Dr. Nurul Syaza Abdul Latif & Dr. Mohd Hafiz Mohd)